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J E S U S  T H E  M E S S I A H

 O U R  H A N U K K A H

E I G H T  E X T R A O R D I N A R Y

I would like to dedicate this booklet and the words it contains to my spiritual brothers and sisters in Israel. Indeed, God has honored you as sons and daughters of Abraham with His grace, mercy, love and the responsibilities of being his chosen people. Everything that I have ever or will ever learn concerning God has been taught to me by you. The Old Testament history, God’s Law, your sincerity of worship, and, most importantly, your hope and longing for the Messiah has sent me on a life-long journey which has found its fulfillment in a Jew from Galilee named Jesus. To you as a nation, I thank you. To you as individuals, I respect and love you. From me as a believer, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

John W. Anderson
Pastor, The Church in Peaster

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