Radical Proclaimers Koinonia class is a diverse group of peoples who want to radically proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and around the world. To do this we recognize that we as Jesus Freaks have to be knowledgeable in the scripture, have a daily walk with Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Radicals will not apologize for following Jesus as the scriptures explain we should or being filled with the Holy Spirit and expecting Gods move in our church, community and the world. Going out on the edge and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus all the while walking in a daily relationship with Him. If this is your calling then join the Radicals at 10:00 am every Sunday morning. We need your radical participation to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Radicals have fish fry’s, volleyball tournaments, kick ball tournaments, lake days and several other events for your participation and for those outside the church. Radicals also have outreach programs around Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as a Water Outreach program during the summer.  Come join us!

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Prayer Requests:
Troops, Brittney(& baby), Nannie, Darren,
John C, Bob C,  Meagan, Tammy,Tim and Ashley, Kenny,
 Ronnie, Linda, Glen and Becky,
Wanda, Peace, Direction, Colt, Maegan,
Wisdom, Troops, Wayne, Church,

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Glenn & Becky McCarty

Mike and Karen Sherer


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In Christ , there is nothing I can do to make You love me more and nothing I have done to make You love me less. Your presence and approval are all that I need for everlasting joy! As you have been to me, I will be to others. As I pray, I will measure your compassion by the cross and power of the resurrection.